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Visit To Pen Lake

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South down Rock Lake

Late arrival at Pen Lake

Mergansers of Pen Lake.

Distant cliff.

Pen Lake campsite.

South end morning mist.

Shoreline oddity.

Updated November 26, 2017
Sunday, November 26th 2017 . . . . .

Back at the beginning of November, Steve Elms took his dad for a 6-day walk-in backcountry stay at Sec Lake and explorations in that corner of the park. Steve used this website's forum to post his trip-log of that stay. With his outstanding photographs and commentary, it is a very effective description of that area, of this time of year in Algonquin Park and of sharing them with one's dad! ... Back from 6 Days on Sec.

"Needless to say we had a really amazing trip. So nice to be able to spend time with my dad like this in such a peaceful setting. Over the 6 days we camped there we saw 3 people at the put-in spot who came down for a quick view and a pic. It's a difficult time of year to pack for as you can get anything from warm days to rain to snow, but we were very well prepared and never felt uncomfortable. We spend a lot of time on the west and highway 60 area of the Park so this was a very welcome change!"

Sunday, November 26th 2017 . . . . .

MartinG has told the tale (with 27 great photos on the website forum) of how early this fall he, ShawnD and SmedleyCo paddled over four days south from Access #25 to Radiant Lake, and then southeast from there down the Petawawa River to the Mcmanus Lake takeout ... Fall Trip Down The Pet.

"Shawn had to portage the Schooners and part of 5 Mile. We took his pack for those ports. I hope it wasn't too hard to hustle over those ports with a 26 pound solo canoe! Running the rapids was a hoot for Smedleyco and I. We had more beautiful weather and a couple of surprise treats. The first was running into the McElroys. They had decided to have a lunch date on Whitson Lake. The spot of their first ever interior canoe trip in the '70's. I have so much respect and admiration for both Bob and Diana that it was a real thrill to finally meet them."

Sunday, November 26th 2017 . . . . .

"Camper Christina" started her camping website .. CamperChristina.com .. back in 2015. This September she took a four-night solo canoe loop out of Kiosk .. by way of Kioshkokwi. Maple, Erables, Big Thunder, Mouse, Club and Mink Lakes. She has posted Part One of her trip-log here, and Part Two here.

"With every step, I sunk deeper and deeper and it became harder to walk. In a few places, I actually got my foot stuck and almost fell flat on my face and in one spot, I got stuck so badly, I had an incredibly difficult time pulling my foot from the mud that seemed to be trying to pull my foot, my leg and the rest of me down below the surface. I pulled and pulled and finally emerged with just my foot! No shoe!"

Sunday, October 28th 2017 . . . . .

Late this summer, Steve Elms (one of our forum moderators and our "Photography Tech Guy") was featured along with David LesGros (Natural Heritage Education Specialist for Algonquin Park) and Dianne Saxe (Environmental Commissioner of Ontario) in the TVO presentation Ontario's Declining Moose Population.

In the 5-minute video, Steve shared at length his experience with moose in Algonquin Park, effectively representing those of us who visit the park hoping to observe a moose.

Not only is Steve a crackerjack photographer, he's a great spokesperson for the park!

Monday, October 23rd 2017 . . . . .

"Neelands" has posted a photographic trip-log (40 photos) of his recent 4-night canoe trip .. 2017 Sept 11-15 Burnt Island-Otterslide-Thomson.

"I decided to take my time and just paddle slowly around the lake, since my destination was just the next lake. I love the middle and east end of Burnt Island Lake." . . . "Had a nice chat with two of the Alive guides who were heading with their group to a rendezvous at Camp Arowhon on Teepee Lake. They told me there are about 5000 kids and over 100 guides working each summer. Wow!"

Monday, October 23rd 2017 . . . . .

Over the past few weeks, a number of additions have been made to the Portage Campsite Inventory.

Wanda Spruyt has submitted Farm Lake CS#5, Farm Lake CS#6, Tanamakoon Lake CS#4 and Tanamakoon Lake CS#5.

Barry Bridgeford has submitted Tanamakoon Lake CS#2, Tanamakoon Lake CS#3, Tanamakoon Lake CS#6 and co-authored on Tanamakoon Lake CS#5

Monday, October 23rd 2017 . . . . .

Another trip-log from Drew on his All Of Algonquin website. This one is a two-part trip-log .. The Barron Canyon Revisited and The Secret of the Ooze (Lake).

"Itís a small body of water, barely more than a pond. And, arguably, itís not actually a single small body of water but many even smaller bodies of water separated by weird floating clumps of Ö dirt? peat? swamp monster droppings? Ö I donít know. What I do know is that we started off poking at various floating clumps while trying to get away from the shoreline, then poked at even more floating clumps as we paddled across. "

Sunday, October 15th 2017 . . . . .

Chris Lawson has posted a trip-log of his late September 4-day canoe trip .. Canoe - Burnt Island - Big Trout - Tom Thomson.

"It was, in fact a smouldering root fire that had, at that point, consumed a circle maybe 6m diameter on this island which, itself was maybe 30 or 40m across. At the centre of the fire circle was a smallish ring of rocks with a few burnt logs in the middle. It seemed like someone had freelanced a fire pit right on top of the loam and the predictable had happened ó the roots underneath the soil had caught fire."

Sunday, October 15th 2017 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has posted a trip-log on his All Of Algonquin website .. of his recent weekender to Radiant Lake with three coworkers, ... Radiant Lake

"We paddled around for a bit, then made our way back to the Squirrel Rapids where we decided to portage up and paddle down a few times so that we could tell everyone what whitewater paddling badasses we were when we got home."

Friday, September 29th 2017 . . . . .

Maegan M. has added a trip-log to her blog .. of a late August 'mother-daughter' get-away-weekend .. Algonquin In Three Days: Magnetawan, Hambone, Daisy Lakes.

"Acme Pond was a quick windless paddle before beaching on the 420m portage into Daisy Lake. I remember this portage being relatively easy, but this year it was very muddy. This was also the longest portage Iíve ever carried a canoe on my own. Iíve travelled significantly longer portages, but this was a first with a canoe over my own head!"

Wednesday, September 13th 2017 . . . . .

Randy Born has submitted a trip-log of his late-August 3-day canoe trip .. Big Trout Revisited After 40+ Years (in PDF format).

"A day of rest and relaxation was in store. We slept in till 8:45 and had a leisurely breakfast of bagels, porridge and coffee. We left camp to fish Big Trout at 10 and trolled for the next 3 hours. We were able to have lunch at the previous desired point campsite, as the family had moved on and memories of past times made for a pleasant lunch."

Sunday, September 10th 2017 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has posted a 3-part addition to his All Of Algonquin website ... The Brent Crawl Ė Part 1: White Trout or Bust ... The Brent Crawl Ė Part 2: Great Weather For Making Bad Choices ... The Brent Crawl Ė Part 3: Stumbling Towards Cedar ...

"I spent a good five minutes at the start of the portage planning my strategy and generally procrastinating. So far this trip Iíd been carrying my packs over to the other side on each portage, then coming back for the canoe. However, the thought of getting to the other side, seeing the water, then having to walk another 4.6KM before I was done seemed just terrible .. "

Thursday, August 31th 2017 . . . . .

Wanda Spruyt has submitted four new campsite descriptions to the website's Portage Campsite Inventory (PCI) ...

North Tea Lake CS #23,   North Tea Lake CS #56,

Lost Dog Lake CS #2,   Lost Dog Lake CS #3

Friday, August 11th 2017 . . . . .

"AlgonquinLakes" (forum-handle) has the website All of Algonquin .

"At the start of 2016 I set a goal to paddle 100 of Algonquin Parkís lakes before the end of the summer. I realized that, while I had been a regular visitor to the Park since 1999 (first working at Camp Ahmek on Canoe Lake and later with my wife and kids) I really hadnít seen as much of the Park as I should have. I decided to fix that and make up for 17 years of neglect in one summer. 97 Days and 101 lakes later, I realized that those first 100 lakes were just the tip of the iceberg."

Thursday, July 20th 2017 . . . . .

"Basil L." and his buddy Chris took a 4-day canoe trip north out of the north arm of Lake Opeongo .. looping through Happy Isle, Merchant, Big Trout, Longer, La Muir, Hogan, Big Crow, and Proulx Lakes .. May 19-22 - Big Trout, Lake la Muir, Big Crow.

"Loading up the canoe at the end of the huge piece of shield rock that this site is situated on, I lost my footing while taking my pack off and ended up just barely saving myself from a full dunk. It was a steep angled rock that went straight in, but I was able to get both hands down behind me while taking a good soak from the crotch down. Luckily Chris was able to give me a quick hand to recover and no harm was done."

Monday, July 10th 2017 . . . . .

"Cici Canoe" and "L.T." took a Canada Day long weekend canoe trip from Cedar Lake to Radiant Lake and back .. Cedar to Radiant: Canada Day Weekend.

"Radiant Lake wasn't horribly choppy, but it wasn't flat either. And the wind was blowing directly in our faces. It took about 35 minutes to get to the mouth of the Petawawa River. We were going upstream today and it was moving faster than it looked. The first part of the river is a long paddle and with each twist of the river, the wind would blow at us again."

Friday, June 23rd 2017 . . . . .

"Neelands" has posted his 28-photo well-captioned and mapped 'Smugmug' account of his early season solo canoe trip out of Magnetawan Lake.. 2017 May 16-20 Little Eagle-Daisy-Ralph Bice Lk.

"First night on Little Eagle, then back past the access point to Daisy Lake for Night Two. Portage to Ralph Bice and Nights Three and Four on that lake. No earth-shattering epic travel here. Just wanted to warm up for the season with short and easy paddling days and to check out this corner of the park before the bugs hit."

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 . . . . .

"Cici Canoe" and "L.T." took an early-season three-day canoe trip to the upper end of Grande Lake this year .. Grand Lake: May 20 to 22, 2017.

"I was nervous thinking about the swift under the train track bridge. The very first time we went up that swift in 2014, it was really high and flowing very fast. Last year the water was very low and it was a different challenge trying not to hit any rocks. This year it was almost perfect. Enough water to not be in danger of hitting any rocks .."

Sunday, May 21st 2017 . . . . .

Back on May 4th, Robert M. (a.k.a. 'Uppa') ended up running most of the Opeongo River rapids by accident. His first day took him all the way to Round Island Lake by way of Booth Lake and a string of northbound portages. Check out his videos at Algonquin Solo Spring Camping Trip - Part 1 and Algonquin Solo Spring Camping Trip - Part 2 .. returning to Lake Opeongo by way of a logging access road, after a bad turn in the weather.

"I've never taken a GPS on a camping trip, and usually I don't even have Jeff's map loaded on my phone. The time of year and the forecast had me especially nervous about this trip, however, so I took more precautions than usual, which turned out to be a really fortunate decision."

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 . . . . .

Early this month, Cobi Sharpe headed out from Canoe Lake on her first solo canoe trip. The wind, rain and snow put her to the test. Check out her blog Waboose Adventures for "Why I Went Out Alone in Algonquin" .. Part One .. and .. Part Two .. both have a video component.

"So not only did I have a red sky in the morning, but I also had a mackerel sky. Because I had been faced with rain, wind and snow during my trip, and I had to change my route and just do what I could, it was probably a good idea for me to decide to head out of the park. The last thing I wanted was to be stranded because of windy conditions, but I also didnít want to pack up all my gear wet and deal with drying it out later."

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 . . . . .

Drew Czernik has posted an account in his blog All of Algonquin of the canoe trip he took from Crotch Lake to McKaskill Lake and back, earlier this month (portaging out via a logging access road).

"With the rose coloured glasses of hindsight planted firmly in front of my eyes, the hydro cut part of the portage was actually pretty cool. The weather and topography along the cut made for scenery that was stark and harsh and somehow quite pretty. Thereís something otherworldly about walking through clear-cut rolling hills along a barren gravel road that stretches out both ahead and behind you and looks like itís never going to end."

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