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Monday, June 22nd , 2020 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has added .. "Day Trippiní: Westward, Wisp & More" to his All Of Algonquin" website..

He managed to squeeze in a few day trips and even cross some new lakes off his list. Over a few weeks he did trips to Drummer, Westward and Wisp Lake.

"I didnít have much of a plan in mind beyond getting up to Drummer, so I ate some breakfast and wandered around the campsite that doubles as the portage entrance. This is a pretty neat site, as it is home to a lean-to that was originally built in the Ö hmm, you know, I used to know this. It was built by Ahmek campers back when cars had fins, but I canít remember the dates."

Sunday, June 21st, 2020 . . . . .

Ian Tendy has posted a trip-log of his 4 day loop out of Magnetewan Lake via Misty, Queer, Little Trout, and Ralph Bice lakes .. "First Post-Pandemic Trip, June 2020".

He decided it would be fun to retrace his first foray into the park. He also wanted to explore Queer and Little Trout lakes, extending the trip an extra day.

"It was a very cold night for us. I had brought a summer bag which is rated to 0 degrees but was still shivering through the cold of the night. It was a hard sell to get out of the sleeping bags and get the coffee going. We would need to ensure that there was a cache of dry and split wood for us when we woke up the next morning. We had a lazily prepared breakfast of fresh eggs and bacon in a wrap, before setting about the day.".

Sunday, June 14th, 2020 . . . . .

On May 27th, episode 10 of "Season Two of Mark In The Park" premiered online.

This completed the 2019 canoe trip in which accomplished Algonquin Park guide Mark Rubino took newbie Iain Murphy on a 10 day canoe trip, starting on Cedar Lake, up the Petawawa, to Catfish, Burntroot, Hogan, LaMuir, Radiant, Big George, and back to Cedar. Mark's colourful character combines wonderfully with the high production values of Todd Cameron and Matt Haughn (camera crew for "Rogers TV - Ottawa").

This compliments last year's "Season One of Mark In The Park".

Sunday, June 14th, 2020 . . . . .

On April 28th, Robert M. (a.k.a. 'Uppa of Kayak Camper') uploaded a video of his late September three day solo paddle "Last Trip of 2019" .. from Magnetawan, through Hambone, Daisy, Petawawa R., Misty, Queer, Little Trout, Ralph Bice, David and 'out'.

"I decided if I headed up early Saturday morning and then got up really, really early Monday morning, I could get in a decent trip and still get work done on Monday. And so Monday morning I portaged out of David in the dark, in time to greet a gorgeous dawn on Ralph Bice - it was pretty incredible."

Monday, April 20th, 2020 . . . . .

Cody Stein (aka 'trippythings' on the forum) has published a trip-log (on his website "Algonquin & Beyond") of his September, 2019 solo canoe trip out of Magnetawan Lake down the Petawawa River, looping through Misty, White Trout, McIntosh and Misty Lakes, and then returning via the Petawawa .. "Six Days Solo In Algonquin". Also included with his trip-log report are 16 new campsite reports from the trip, links to which are now augmenting this websites "PCI Project".

"The portages werenít too bad either, and I ended up arriving to McIntosh Lake at around 1pm. There was supposedly no one else camping on McIntosh that night, which I found hard to believe. Not only is McIntosh a really big lake, but itís also really popular and can be built into several different routes. I figured there would be at least a few last minute reservations or people camping off-permit. But when I arrived, it was a ghost town."

Sunday, April 12th, 2020 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted 10 more campsite records to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

CS. 6 on East Arm of Opeongo     CS. 68 on South Arm of Opeongo     CS. 12 on Burntroot Lake    
CS. 7 on East Arm of Opeongo     CS. 12 on Big Trout Lake     CS. 39 on North Tea Lake    
CS. 8 on East Arm of Opeongo     CS. 33 on Big Trout Lake     CS. 68 on North Tea Lake    
CS. 9 on East Arm of Opeongo    

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 . . . . .

Randy Born has submitted a very well written photo-illustrated trip-log of his 6-day trip late last summer to Pen Lake, with explorations to surrounding lakes. .. "Sept. 3 - 8, 2019 Algonquin Park Interior Canoe Trip".

"The portage was rather over grown and difficult to ascertain where it actually went. We decided to do a dry run without canoe in order to ensure we were not going the wrong way. After about 300 meters of false-starts and dead-ends, we were sure we'd found the actual portage. We back tracked, marking the way and soon were on our way to Gem Lake with canoe and day-gear. Upon reaching Gem, we launched the canoe about 50 metres past the official launch spot due to low water and oodles of muck."

Saturday, March 7th, 2020 . . . . .

Joe Yaraskavitch (MNRF) has issued a notice of Inspection of Approved 2020-2021 Annual Work Schedule for the Algonquin Park Forest.

The AWS will be available for public inspection at the Algonquin Forestry Authority (AFA) offices in Huntsville and Pembroke and the Ontario government website at ontario.ca/forestplans, beginning March 15, 2020 and for the one-year duration of the AWS. The AWS describes forest operations such as road construction, maintenance and decommissioning, forestry aggregate pits, harvest, site preparation, tree planting and tending that are scheduled to occur during the year.

An updated "seasonalized" version of their operations map (suitable for trip-planning) will be made public later in April at algonquinforestry.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/AWS_Webmap.pdf.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 . . . . .

Robert M. (a.k.a. 'Uppa of Kayak Camper') has uploaded a 2-part video of his "2019 Trip Out of Opeongo" .. to Merchant, Burntroot, La Muir, Big Crow and back to Opeongo ...

Video 1 - Days 1 & 2: Opeongo (water taxi) to Merchant and then to Burntroot.
Video 2 Ė Days 3 to 5: from Burntroot to La Muir, to Big Crow and back to Opeongo.

"A new arrival to my street (and to Canada), Alex, soon decided he wanted to come camping in Algonquin. And better yet he's more of a kayak guy than a canoeist, and so we rented him a pack boat and set off for a 5-day loop out of Opeongo. And I got to test paddle a Swift pack boat during a camping trip as a result!"

Friday, February 21st, 2020 . . . . .

Tess Johnston (of www.algonquintreks.ca) has posted a magnificently photographed trip-log of a likewise magnificent 19 day canoe trip that she and Norm Head took in August of last year .. "Heart of the Park - Kiosk to Opeongo".

"On our day off we experienced the only heatwave of the trip and although getting into the water for a swim was difficult, the water itself was glorious -- emerald green, deep, cool and oh so soft ... There was spectacular show of sheet lightning the first night. The next morning a huge thunderstorm crashed all around us. We could see the black wall of rain pouring down on neighbouring lakes while we sat in the sunshine. We didn't get one drop of rain on our island."