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Saturday, April 14th, 2007 . . . . .

Bob & Diana McElroy have added another vintage trip-log to their Bush Log website. Bob and Diana did the 8 day - Wendigo Lake to McManus Lake via Petawawa River canoe trip back in September 18-25 of 1976.. from Wendigo Lake down the North River to Radiant Lake, then down the Petawawa River through Lake Travers (Traverse) and on to McManus Lake.

"Instead of snow we got cold wind driven rain with a strong east wind. The clouds were ragged and low and really booting it out of the south east. This started just as we were leaving at 10:00. It continued until lunch at the start of the portage around Schooner Rapids. It [wind] then changed to to the west. We had sun interspersed with short violent wind and rain storms. We were hailed upon at the end of the Schooner Rapids portage."

Monday, April 9th, 2007 . . . . .

Markus Rubino has finally published his account of the famous White Partridge Express Canoe Trip of May 6th - 13th, 2006. Click over to Mark's website to read his recollections of that epic fishing trip ... White P Xpress Canoe Trip May 6th - 13th, 2006.

"The trail, although not mountainous, or swampy, had one element that remained constant throughout it's length; Rough. It is a rough and long trail. About the halfway mark, we came upon the beaver dam, you have to traverse across the dam, to continue along the trail. The crossing is only dangerous if you happen to lose your footing and fall down the embankment on one side...other than that it's a oozy and trippy affair. Falling the other way is perhaps safer, although one might wish they were dead, for you'd be swimming in beaver dung. Fortunately for everyone, no one tripped or fell, and we all made it across safely."

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 . . . . .

The official Algonquin Park website has recently posted a schedule of organized activities for the coming year and details of displays in the Algonquin Room at the Algonquin Visitor Centre ... Schedule of Special Events. These are ideal activities to incorporate into family, drive-in campground holidays along the Highway 60 corridor.

"100 Years of Children's Camps in Algonquin Park. Algonquin Park's children's camps celebrate 100 years of organized camping in the Park ... a fun-filled day at Whitefish Lake. Learn fishing, cleaning, and cooking techniques for the easy-to-catch Algonquin Rock Bass ... the "Wakami Wailers" singing shanty songs, and demonstrations around the Logging Museum trail ... the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada at Mew Lake, as they view the Algonquin night sky."

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 . . . . .

Markus Rubino has gone back nearly three years to add a trip-log of a brief visit to Shirley Lake into his website ... Shall Lake, August 27th - 29th, 2004.

Like many before him, and many since, Markus was rightfully confused by the contradiction of names involving the Shall Lake Access Point being mid-way between Farm and Crotch Lakes.

"We were about halfway across the lake, when the squall hit us. More thunder, but no lightning could be seen (Thank God!), the rain came down in a torrent. I was not prepared for the rain, at least the amount that was coming down. We finally landed on the east shore, soaked to our skin, standing there in the pouring rain. I pulled out a tarp and covered our gear, at least it wouldn't be swimming in water. Within 10 minutes of landing on the shore, the sun came out and the humidity level shot up."

Monday, March 26th, 2007 . . . . .

Bob & Diana McElroy have added a 30+ year old trip-log to their Bush Log website. Bob, Diana, Phyllis and Herman did the 12 day - Canoe Lake to Brent and Return 1976 May 14-25 canoe trip .. via Burnt Island Lake, Otterslide Creek, Big Trout Lake, Burntroot (Portal) Lake, Whiskeyjack Lake and the Nipissing River .. across cedar Lake to Brent .. returning by the Petawawa River, Catfish Lake, Burntroot Lake, Big Trout Lake, Trout Lake, Sunbeam Lake and Tom Thomson Lake.

"In those days the route from Whiskeyjack to the Nipissing was via a 3700 yard portage that came out just above High Falls; the current route via Remona Lake didn't exist (or at least, it wasn't marked on the map). On the 3700 yd portage, there was a creek crossing that consisted of a single log elevated several feet above the water. The day was wet and the log was slick and Diana ended up on her back in the creek. Luckily her fall was broken by her Duluth pack, and Bob and Herman were handy to effect a rescue."

Monday, March 26th, 2007 . . . . .

Mike Burns has sent in his triplog of the recent winter hike-in that Markus, Derek (Dogbyte), Jake R and himself took ... 2007 Winter Trip to Whitefish Lake ... February 28 to March 4th. This 5-day trip went from the Pog Lake Campground, along the Old Railway Bike Trail to Whitefish Lake. From there, day-tripping took them to the very south end of Rock Lake.

"I went back and grabbed my sleeping bag. "Im sleeping in here tonight!" Jake was also sleeping in the igloo with me. Derek and Markus dug a cold well from the doorway. Bunks were created on each side. You could stand up straight in the middle. An air hole is at the very top. Cold air drops and is carried out thru the doorway. I put a small tarp down first with a dense foam mat. I slept in a -15c mummy bag that was in another 0 normal bag. I was very comfy. I made sure to have a hat on as well. Outside was -10c to -12c and inside was 0c."

Monday, March 19th, 2007 . . . . .

Phil & Holly Williamson have added a trip-log to their website .. Lake Lavielle Loop - May 12/06. This 6-day trip went from the North Arm of Opeongo, through Proulx Lake to Big Crow Lake, then down the Crow River to Lake Lavieille and finally back to Opeongo by way of Dickson Lake. Despite being subject to lots of wet weather, they brought back some great panoramic photos!

"We left mid morning in drizzle and paddled over to the ranger cabin where the trail up to the fire tower begins. The trail is well defined but leads straight up a long steep hill that takes a good half an hour to reach the top. The spectacular view at the top made the climb well worth the effort and made a great spot to stop for lunch."

Saturday, March 10th, 2007 . . . . .

Holy Old Whistlin' (Yarns About Algonquin Park Loggers) is a new addition to the Resources/Publications/Algonquin Park/General section.

Brent Connelly has written about Algonquin's loggers, truck drivers, timber cruisers and campworkers. Brent was a forester for almost forty years, of which he spent a large part working the Algonquin forests. Brent Connelly gives the reader an endearing insight into the traditions and experiences of foresters and loggers in Algonquin over the past decades.

Available at The Friends of Algonquin Park's "Book Store"

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