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Monday, Sept. 4th, 2006 . . . . .

Mike and Laurie’s 3 Nights On Pen Lake (August 25 - 28, 2006) Four day foray .. Mike Burns brought Laurie on her first canoe-camping trip to the interior of Algonquin. In his own words ... "We had a great trip and Laurie said she enjoyed the trip tremendously and would like to come back. Hooked and landed. One more person in love with the park."

"We headed west across the lake and the plan was to follow the west shore and go north towards Rock Lake hoping to see some wildlife. Halfway across, I spotted something dark in the marsh across from out campsite. It was a cow moose and her two calves! We got closer to take some pictures. She was nervous with her two calves away from her side. They got together and walked slowly out of the water and back into the forest. Laurie’s first moose encounter!" ..... "After lunch and a rest, I looked across the lake where the moose had been earlier. They had come back out to feed. We quickly got back into the canoe and made our way towards them. This time they did not leave. We watched them eat for over 30 minutes. The cow was used to us now and knew we were no threat."

Ryan Lake Morning Tuesday, August 29th, 2006 . . . . .

The message-board (forum) has been getting a good number of "mini-trip-logs" and "photo-postings" lately. It's really great to see such a high level of use. However, when one looks down to the tremendous number of "pages" of postings at the bottom of the message-board's front page, one can't help but think that these "mini-trip-logs" and "photo-postings" are getting buried amongst the regular chit-chat and info exchanges. In a few weeks we'll be hardpressed to locate these "lost gems".

As a result, would those who posted them please consider polishing them up to regular trip-log, photo-essay, photo-collage or commentary article status .. and submitting them for permanent inclusion in the Trip-log Inventory, Photos or Resources section?

Just because we don't go on calendar-busting long trips, doesn't mean our photos, recollections, observations and opinions aren't equally valuable Algonquin Park resources!

Those of us who can't get away for more than a few days at a time and typically spend two or more nights at one location, are encouraged to submit their young-family, senior-groups, basecamp-daytripping and just plain rest-and-relaxation experiences .. in written and/or illustrated form as submissions for permanent content in the Algonquin Adventures website.

Trip-logs continue to be a valuable resource for serious "trippers". However, hopefully we can collectively develop alternative means of sharing a broader range of Algonquin Park experiences within the formal Algonquin Adventures website.

Please email with your submissions!

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 . . . . .

An addition has been made to the website's Resources/Publications/Camping subsection. It's Don Ladigin's Lighten Up!

Subtitled "A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking", this book is a light-weight 112 page paperback. But don't be misled. Its humorous writing and thoroughly amusing cartoon illustrations get straight to the heart of reducing one's pack-weight. Don has been hiking for over twenty-five years and has taught the University of Oregon's Ultralight Backpacking class since its start in 2000. The book contains a wealth of practical advice and proven techniques.

In addition, it has more than 150 amusing and helpful illustrations by Mike Clelland. This little book presents what backpackers need to be safe, comfortable and well-fed while carrying a lightweight pack.

If your camping buddy still packs like they're leading an entire troop of scouts, get them a copy of this book. If reading this book doesn't turn them into a weight-efficient camper, nothing will!

Sunday, May 21st, 2006 . . . . .

Marc Huot's "Nadine Lake Trip Report" (May 6 – 12) Seven Day Fishing Trip (Access #27) - Up the Nipissing River for four nights on Nadine Lake. The black flies were thick, but the fishing was good! By the way, Marc has mastered the process of producing large photo images with small file sizes .. good for the "dial-uppers" amongst us!

"I put on a large EGB spoon on my line and within 10 minutes of trolling, we had our first Nadine Lake speckle on the stringer. We would catch several more speckles that day, all between about 2 to 3 pounds……….beautiful fish indeed! The next two days were very similar to our first day, yellow sun, blue skies and black flies. Yes, the beautiful weather did have some drawbacks."

Barry Bridgeford (Site-editor)