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Sunday March 5th, 2006 . . . . .

Mark Rubino continues to update his Algonquin website with three more trip-logs of some of his earlier excursions. With some of their illustrations being frame-captures from his camcorder, these retrospective accounts are thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Two Nights on Opeongo Lake - June 2003
  • Five Day Loop Out of Canoe Lake - July - August 2003
  • Two Nights on Cedar Lake - August 2003

    "We stayed up quite late, and by 10pm the wind died down and the waves went on holiday. The night grew serene. The planet Mars made it's appearance in they sky. In 2003 Mars was at it's closet approach in something on the order of 50,000 years. I must say that, that night, is a night I'll long remember. It was like all of nature knew that Mars was here, and hushed itself to witness the event along with us. It was quite the scene."

  • Friday February 10th, 2006 . . . . .

    In 2005, Robert Hardy and his crew did their Opeongo Lavieille Loop .. starting with the Opeongo water-taxi .. a 4 day trip through Proulx, Little Crow, Big Crow, Crow River, Crow Bay, Lavieille, Hardy Bay, Dickson, Bonfield, Wright and back by Opeongo. Robert's trip-planning maps and itinerary are particularly interesting .. as are the trip-log's photos.

    "We got out of the water taxi at the North arm and our first portage was 1390. A good distance to get us going but really it was the only portage for the day. We travelled around Proulx Lake and into Crow River. I love paddling winding rivers and Crow was no different ... Into Little Crow and west to Big Crow we headed for the site on the South East shore of Big Crow. After setting up camp and having supper, cocktails and a round of cigars we decided to head over the tower." "

    Friday February 10th, 2006 . . . . .

    In 2004, Robert Hardy and the "Tuna Can Express" went on their "guitar-toting" Kiosk--Erables Loop .. a 4 day trip out of Kiosk .. through Maple Creek, Maple Lake, Erables, Big Thunder, Mouse, Club, Mink, Little Mink and back to Kiosk. Robert even includes the trip's food menus and expense list .. unexpected "extras".

    "Our first day had a total of 7 portages, on one portage I went to take a step down onto what I thought was just a muddy bank. Turns out it wasn't and I fell into the water, or at least partially as my back pack managed to anchor me to the shore. For the first few minutes the mud was thick enough that I actually couldn't get out. The guys were nice enough to leave me there, laughing and taking pictures." "

    Wednesday February 8th, 2006 . . . . .

    "Rob W." went Algonquin Spring Fishing in May of 2005 with his friends. South out of Rock Lake, they set up camp on Pen Lake. With day trips to Clydegale, Welcome and Harry Lakes .. they suffered through some poor fishing and relished in some definitely good fishing.

    "When I got to the pool there was no one else around. I tied up to an old log and then sat and fished in the sun for about 3 hours. It was dead quiet sitting there, one of those golden moments that you get when you're off by yourself in the wilderness. One of those times that remind you why you go to all the effort to canoe or hike in somewhere that you can't get to by car. The fishing was good too, I caught six Specks over that 3 hours, including a keeper to take home to my son." "

    Wednesday February 8th, 2006 . . . . .

    In February of 2004, a party of seven people headed out from Kawayaymog Lake and sledded east over North Tea, Manitou, Three Mile, Maple and Erables Lakes .. heading for the Nipissing .. on a two week grand traverse of the park. However, half way into their schedule .. extreme cold, snow conditions and thick brush forced them to fall back to an alternate route. They circled north by way of Mouse, Club and Mink Lakes .. finishing at Kiosk. The lady author is an accomplished (world-class) outdoor traveller. She has produced a superbly written and photo-illustrated account of her trip .. "Winter Traverse" .

    "There is a short 420m portage between North Tea and Manitou Lake. It’s a gentle up and then down but this change in elevation makes for technical challenges that are new to me. It takes four people to haul the loaded komatik up the incline: one person stands between the traces, three others pull on a long thin rope that has especially attached to the front as a pulling tether. Looks like a chain gang! with the rope over a shoulder, everyone heaves on ‘three’. The komatik lurches out of semi frozen ruts and slowly moves up. It takes us 30 minutes to get 6 sleds up 40 meters."

    Monday February 6th, 2006 . . . . .

    In May of last year, Frank Massacci and the Spidalieri brothers .. Tony, Frank and Angelo .. did an eight day trip through Farm, Round Island, Dickson, Animoosh, Hidden and Ryan Lakes ... quite a successful fishing trip!

    " Here was where we found out the reasons why this portage was given the name "mother-in-law". To put it in layman’s terms IT BROKE US. The 3rd leg took three and a half hours to complete and the surprises along the way were .. crossing 3 streams, a huge mud puddle and endless hills. We finally got to Dickson Lake. We paddled to our island site near Cisco Bay and set up camp. By this time it was 5:30 p.m. and we took it easy after another grueling day."

    Monday, January 1st, 2006 . . . . .

    Mark Rubino has updated his Algonquin website with three trip-logs of some of his earlier excursions. Illustrated with photos from disposable cameras (these were Mark's "pre-digital days") his recollections are as informative and amusing as ever.

  • Canoe, Tom Thomson and Burnt Island Lakes - Aug. 3-9, 2001
  • Canisbay Lake - Sep. 27-29, 2002
  • Redfox and Hiram Lakes - May 21-23, 2004

    "Something hooved came upon our tent from behind, that hollow thudding sound, as something clumped along the ground. The sound paused right beside Mike's side of the tent, right where I knew there was a guy-wire. I held my breath, and then started to move. In a flash it was gone, heading back the way it came. Relief... that our tent didn't get ruined by a stampeding animal caught up in the tent lines."

  • Tuesday December 27th, 2005 . . . . .

    In the last week of June, 2005 bass season had just opened. Barry Bridgeford and Bill Warren were hoping to get some of Crotch Lake's renowned smallmouth bass. Barry has produced a 44 photo trip-log of their canoeing through the Crotch Lake area ... Crotch Lake 2005 ...

    "Clambering further up the hill gets you to the edge of a high cliff looking north up the length of Shirley Lake. This is the kind of pine-framed vista that sticks in your mind. Views like this are worth staying at one campsite, just to see the landscape through changing light from hour to hour and from day to day."

    Barry Bridgeford (Site-editor)