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Monday, August 24th, 2015 . . . . .

More additions to the Portage Campsite Inventory (PCI), including campsites on mid Mink Lake and west Cauchon Lake ...

Monday, August 17th, 2015 . . . . .

Algonquin Adventures has updated its online forum from a topic-list format to a fully featured category format. Registrants are now able to easily access a well-organized hierarchy of categories and sub-forums .. with personal messaging and 'latest-posts' features.

Topic categories include Backcountry Paddling, Backcountry Hiking, Drive-in Camping, Equipment-Skills & Ethics, Photography & Videography, and varied 'Academia'. The old forum will be archived for continued reference. Check out the new forum at algonquinadventures.boardhost.com.

Saturday, August 8th, 2015 . . . . .

The Best of The Raven Volume 2 (1993-2000) is now available at Algonquin Park bookstores and online at the official website of The Friends of Algonquin Park. This is the second compilation of articles from the park's famous newsletter, "The Raven".

This volume contains 80 articles by Dan Strickland, along with some editing and new commentary by Dan where new information adds depth to the understanding of the subject matter. This new publication by The Friends of Algonquin Park is a great gift for winter-readers!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015 . . . . .

Steve Bithell has sent in a PCI Campsite submission. It's for Campsite #9 .. midway down the east shore of Pen Lake.

"The site is completely sheltered with trees. However there is a raised rock clearing to watch sunsets and swim from. Great site for a large group. Easy to unload and easy to access the tent areas."

If you're heading out to the backcountry this summer, checkout the PCI Project. See if you'll be visiting an area without campsite entries and consider recording some to submit!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 . . . . .

Jackie Hung took a two-night hike .. Western Uplands Solo Hike. Having taken the Parkbus to the West gate, she hiked along highway 60 to the trailhead. Her 32 kilometer hike had her camping on Maggie and Ramona lakes. Her experience included a bit of mis-adventure, having lost her map early-on! All-in-all, its an interesting read ...

"I was in the interior backcountry of Algonquin Park without a map, satellite phone, or GPS, and I was lost. For the situation I was in, I was suprisingly calm and my spirits were still high. With nothing to lose, I looked for the highest point within my field of view and climbed it. I whipped out my half-dead phone (my only source of time, by the way), turned off airplane mode and turned on 3G, and lo and behold, by some divine power, I had cell phone reception."

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 . . . . .

Here's some additions to the Portage Campsite Inventory (PCI). They're campsites on south Big Porcupine Lake .. all on rock points.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015 . . . . .

Brandon Peek has just added a trip-log to his website .. TourDuPark.com. It's of a recent 5-day loop-trip he took out of Achray, with his fiancée .. Little Carcajou - Carcajou - Greenleaf. It's detailed narration is accompanied with plenty of great photos.

"There were sunken logs jamming up the little dock at the portage landing and the waves were slamming directly into them - so for us to come in parallel to the dock, we would be smashed by waves continuously. Unfortunately due to the topography and plants in the immediate area, there was no other way to take out. So I waited for a lull in the wind and waves and made a break for it. We were still hammered sideways from the waves and got a little wet but I jumped out onto one of the logs to guide the boat next to the dock. Angela quickly jumped out and we rushed to get the packs out before everything was soaked."

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 . . . . .

Chris Johnston has submitted a third trip-log .. this time of a 6-day loop trip he took from the Magnetawan Lake access point .. through Ralph Bice, Little Trout, Tim River, Shah and Misty Lakes and back up the Petawawa River through Daisy Lake in 2012 .. Algonquin 2012 – Access Point 3 – Little Trout, Tim River, Petawawa River Loop.

"While taking on water from the occasional wave, Kris realized that his water bailing was not keeping up with the amount of water we were taking on from the waves. The problem we had was that in order to empty the water from our canoe to be able to safely continue our journey up Ralph Bice Lake, we would have to land the canoe on shore. At this point on the lake, the southern shore had no place to land a canoe because of a rock wall and heavy vegetation. After some tense moments of paddling and bailing, Kris and I found a safe location in a bay, landed the canoe, emptied the water and continued on to the portage into Little Trout Lake, which was our destination lake for night-one."

Sunday, June 14th, 2015 . . . . .

Chris Johnston has submitted another trip-log .. this time of a 6-day trip he took on Lake Travers and down the Petawawa River with friends back in 2010 .. ALGONQUIN 2010 – Access Point 23 – Lake Travers.

"Ryan and I figured the first ledge would give us the most trouble and we figured we could get through the second ledge without any trouble. Well the first ledge gave us hardly any trouble, short of adding a few inches of water to the canoe, but it was the second ledge that got the best of us. Just as the canoe was landing from the drop, the centre of the canoe landed right on a large rock submerged by maybe a foot under the frothy white water. This immediately flipped the canoe over sending Ryan and I into the raging river. Ryan had managed to drop into the water in front of the canoe and not become completely submerged. I on the other hand, had not faired so well."

Sunday, June 14th, 2015 . . . . .

Many recreationalists who visit Algonquin Park wonder about native Algonquin heritage and experiences. With land claims negotiations heralding the formal sharing use of the park with the Algonquins of Ontario, it may be timely to familiarize oneself with the Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin .. The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre's website.

"But if the new people remain strong in their quest, there will be a rebirth of the Anishnabe Nation and the Sacred Fire will again be lit. It is at this time that the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One leads to peace and unity, the other to the death and destruction of us all. You must share your knowledge of the old ways with them to help them choose correctly."