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Friday, Oct. 26th, 2012 . . . . .

MartinG has submitted the well-photographed trip-log of his four-day solo vist to Tom Thomson Lake in the early Spring of this year .. Tom Thomson Spring Trip - A Tale of Trees and Fish.

"I never expected this. I didn't expect to actually see the fish! I Iet my canoe silently drift back downstream and tied up to shore. I was full of excitement and jitters as I took the 20 minutes required to tie on a Panther Martin that had been patiently waiting for this occasion. I crept back up the embankment past the small rapid. Beyond the rocks were 30 yards of water before more rocks and a beaver dam. I peered into the water and saw more fish. I gingerly held out my rod to do a back hand cast up the stream."

Thursday, Oct. 25th, 2012 . . . . .

Les Dempsey has put a trip-log online, of his 3-day solo loop from Cedar Lake, through Little Cedar, Aura Lee, Laural, Little Cauchon, Carl Wilson, Varley, Camp Five, Glacier, Gull, Pond Lake and back to Cedar Lake. .. Sept 28-30, 2012 Solo - Cedar, Carl Wilson Loop.

"It didn't move, but it had a certain symmetry about it, and whoa crap, are those ears?! Its a bear - and a big one. We locked eyes. Its hard to tell how close we were, because I completely tunnel visioned. All I saw was bear; standing on 2 legs looking square at me. Several things went through my mind all at once. I remember it was spooky - not scary like a vicious dog charging per say, but like I just saw Bigfoot or a mystic person."

Thursday, Oct. 25th, 2012 . . . . .

Russ S. has prepared a substantial trip-log on his blog, of his 8-day foray out of Magnetawan Lake along with his two sonsand a friend .. Algonquin Park Canoe Trip Sept 29th - Oct 6th 2012 .. through Ralph Bice, Queer, Shippagew, Longer, Burntroot, Big Trout, White Trout, Little Misty, Daisy and back to Magnetawan Lake.

"We were sitting around the fire when Josh said what's that light just across from us on the water near the woods. We all looked as the water would shimmer with light. All of us where amazed but also trying to figure what this was. Was it bioluminescence or whas it minnows reflecting the moonlight? This happended so close to shore and there was a shadow from the trees from the moon light. So we still can't figure out what this was."

Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 2012 . . . . .

Photography has come to play a big part in both this website and its discussion forum. When "Algonquin Adventures" was started, it was in order to solicit and share experiences regarding camping in Algonquin Park. As the operator of "Algonquin Adventures", I'm wondering if there's enough "Algonquin Adventurers" out there who would be interested in sharing their photographic experience and knowledge in an "Algonquin Adventures Photo-Tech Forum".

Such a forum would be dedicated to the discussion of photographic tecnical matters, technique and equipment. If you have thoughts on such a sub-forum, please either post in the Algonquin Adventures Forum or email me directly.   .... Barry Bridgeford (Site-editor)

Friday, Sept. 28th, 2012 . . . . .

Rich VanDerd completed the second loop of the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail back in May of this year in three days, travelling solo. Rich has written a detailed blog account of his hike, including some photos and insightful "lessons-learned" about footwear, water-intake and mosquitos ... Western Uplands 3 Day Backpack Tour .

"The trail was fairly rugged, and I once again hit a spot where the trail simply disappeared at a large beaver dam. I looked around with no luck, leading me to conclude that the trail must be at the other end of the dam. I stepped on top, carefully working my way across, realizing that falling one way meant getting wet and falling another way meant risked getting impaled. I was relieved to see that the trail continued on at the other side of the dam."

Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2012 . . . . .

The Outdoor Journal Radio Show is live every Saturday morning 8:05AM EST. If you're in southern Ontario (Canada), tune your radio to Sportsnet 590 The FAN AM, or visit www.sportsnet.ca, or www.fishncanada.com and listen live online. Podcasts of past shows are also available at itunes.apple.com

Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman use their experience and a unique sense of humor to cover important environmental issues and events. Of special interest to Algonquinites is the fact that John Winters (past superintendent of Algonquin Park) is the producer of the program and is often featured, bringing his special Algonquin focus to the show.

Friday, Sept. 14th, 2012 . . . . .

As negotiations toward the Algonquin Land Claim's Agreement In Principle (AIP) are now in high gear, the Algonquin Backcountry Recreationalists (ABR) wishes to remind all affected recreacreationalists of its formal Position on Algonquins of Ontario Land Claims Process.

The ABR wants to see the elimination of adverse impacts on the park's backcountry's wilderness-like landscapes, sound-scapes and wildlife. They believe that the land claims settlement is an ideal opportunity for an integrated three-party arrangement for the protective management and enforced sustainability of Algonquin Park .. involving the MNR, Algonquin Forestry Authority and the Algonquins of Ontario. The ABR asks all like-minded recreationalists to promote its position paper at every opportunity. (Download PDF here)

Saturday, Sept. 8th, 2012 . . . . .

We've been informed by Gord Cumming of the Algonquin Forestry Authority that an updated version of their 2012 - 2013 Schedule of Operations Map is now online. It has updates affecting their Fall period of operations which started immediately after Labour Day, rather than at September 21st, which is the actual start of the Fall season.

So if you're planning a fall trip, check out the proxity of forestry operations in order to avoid unwanted noise.

The updated map is available at .. www.algonquinforestry.on.ca/pdf/2012AWS_Webmap.pdf

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 . . . . .

Barry Bridgeford and his pal enjoyed a 5-day canoe trip to Booth Lake. Barry's compiled a 25-image photo-essay of the trip ... Trip To Booth Lake

Amongst the photos' captions are ... "At the west end of the beach, some ripples reflected the developing sunset." ... "While we were having our morning coffee, a fisherman in a kayak was trolling the bay in front of McCarthy Creek." ... "Returning from Tattler Lake, we spotted this moose chopping in the weeds." ... "This is the waterfront at our campsite, located at the east end of a long sandy beach" .... "We hiked the portage to Ryegrass Lake (quite a boggy lake) held back by a beaver dam." ... "The early morning cold air pulled mist off the warm lake water."

Barry Bridgeford (Site-editor)