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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted some more records to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory". They are of five campsites on Lake Opeongo.

Campsite 12 on the East Arm     Campsite 1 on Annie Bay    
Campsite 17 on the East Arm     Campsite 2 on Annie Bay    
Campsites 18 & 19 (combined) on the East Arm    

Friday, January 24th, 2020 . . . . .

Barry Bridgeford has just produced a trip-log ... "Basecamp on Mink Lake - July 2015", containing 66 captioned photographs and text.

"All of a sudden we heard a vehicle on the north shore, over by the old rail-bed. A large white pick-up truck was heading along the gravel rail-bed. We figured it was either an Ontario Parks or an Algonquin Forestry Authority vehicle. Although we had already crossed the rail-bed once before arriving at Mink Lake, we were curious to see the state of its surface at this location. We paddled across near to a spot we'd assumed was a washed out section and climbed up the embankment to see."

Saturday, January 4th, 2020 . . . . .

This past year, Bob & Diana McElroy have added three trip-log reports to their online "Bush Log and Notes".

Three Nights on St. Andrews Lake .. Little Carcajou Lake and Upper Spectacle Lake .. and Four Nights On Whitson Lake

"We were enjoying our snack when suddenly there was a crashing through the bush almost right beside us. We looked up and there was a guy in a bright orange shirt making his way along the shore. I called out and almost gave the guy a heart attack as he hadnít seen us. It turns out that he was the head of the fire team. They were camped about a kilometre up the lake and were waiting to be airlifted out. They had put the fire out the night before. He was checking on the fire one last time ..."

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has added another six campsite reports to his "All Of Algonquin" website. These links to Drew's reports are now integrated into this website's Portage and Campsite Inventory Project.

Also, check out his website's new associated trip-logs .. "The Quest For Susan Lake" .. "South of 60: A Rock Lake Loop" .. and "Booth Lake"

CS. 2 on Booth Lake         CS. 6 on Booth Lake CS. 7 on Booth Lake
CS. 8 on Booth Lake     CS. 12 on Pen Lake     CS. 17 on Lake Louisa    

Friday, December 20th, 2019 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted still more records to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory". They are of two campsites on North Tea Lake and of the four portages between Three Mile and Maple Lakes.

Campsite #16 on North Tea Lake     Portage 660 meters - North Sylvia to Boggy    
Campsite #17 on North Tea Lake     Portage 1490 meters - Boggy to Dahinda    
Portage 550 meters - Three Mile to North Sylvia     Portage 390 meters - Ratrap to Maple    

Wednesday, December 4th, 2018 . . . . .

Wanda Spruyt has submitted a couple of new campsite reports to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 3 on McCraney Lake             Campsite 8 on McCraney Lake

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 . . . . .

Sean Mason has posted his Late Summer 2019 Trip on his blog. It was an eight day canoe trip loop out of Kiosk .. by way of Mouse, Maple, Three Mile, Biggar, and out via Tea and Manitou.

"That strong, incessant north wind was blowing down Manitou, so once we left the sheltered bay we had to push hard to make progress. The white capped waves were large. The odd one managed to crash over the bow of the canoe as we pushed forward. We stopped at a couple of sites but they just were not sheltered enough. We stopped at a sheltered beach site as it began to rain, but were chased away by the mosquitoes ...
We found a more sheltered south-facing island site where we set up a tarp to take shelter temporarily, and then decided to stay put as a light rain came and went throughout the rest of the day."

Wednesday, November 14th, 2019 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted four more portage records to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory". They are of the portages from Biggar, through Sinclair, Kawa, Upper Kawa and on to Three Mile Lake.

Portage 520 meters - Biggar To Sinclair    
Portage 1040 meters - Sinclair to Kawa    
Portage 320 meters - Kawa to Upper Kawa    
Portage 1220 meters - Upper Kawa To Three Mile    

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has followed his recent submissions to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory" with three more. They are of the portages from Mangotasi, through Hornbeam and on to Biggar Lakes.

Portage 305 meters - Mangotasi To Hornbeam    
Portage 50 meters - Hornbeam - Around Twin Falls    
Portage 140 meters - Hornbeam To Biggar    

Saturday, October 26th, 2019 . . . . .

Wanda Spruyt has submitted the trip-log, of her 4-day weekend trip with her daughter to McCraney Lake, by way of the Rain Lake access point ... "Canoe Trip To McCraney Lake Fall of 2019".

"Crossing Little McCraney the wind had become a windstorm. As we came into the open on to McCraney, the waves were coming right at us. They were great big rolling waves that crashed against the bow of the boat and splashed water right in. Yikes! We decided to head to the left of the lake and closer to shore, since we had already seen that the first site on the right was taken. It was not a far paddle to get to the first point site, but we had to paddle our hearts out against that storm and wave action. "