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If your trip planning involves the large Recreational-Utility zone of the park, it's prudent to refer to the maps provided by the Algonquin Forestry Authority (AFA).

On their maps, the AFA shows both its intended areas of cutting and construction, and its network of logging roads by which it hauls out the cut trees. It is usually considered preferable to choose a route that avoids the noises of both the tree-cutting and the log-hauling trucks.

For details about the Algonquin Park Zones, please refer to this website's Resource section's archived Forestry item and its Management Plan sub-section.

For information on the Algonquin Forestry Authority, you can visit their website at ... www.algonquinforestry.on.ca.

Each spring, the AFA releases a map showing the currently Scheduled Harvesting Areas, which may be sometimes slightly modified through the course of the year.

It should be available on the AFA website at ... https://algonquinforestry.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/AWS_Webmap.pdf.

January 4, 2024