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There's a temptation while planning a trip, to try to "preselect" individual campsites along the route. Don't bother. A number of circumstances make this impossible, unless of course, a particular day-destination lake has only one campsite! The Algonquin reservation system currently assigns reservations only for lakes or watercourses ... not for individual campsites. When you arrive at your day-destination lake, you may find other parties already occuppying some of the campsites. Once you reach your day-destination lake, pull out your map, review conditions and start the campsite selection process. That particular day's variety of temperature, wind, rain, sun, bug and even moon conditions will help to narrow down your choice of  shoreline exposure.

This campsite's west exposure provides prevailing breezes and a sunset view.
If the black flies and mosquitoes of spring and early summer are about, you may want to check out the campsites exposed to bug-clearing wind.
The pines' sandy knoll protects the campsite from the northwest wind while allowing it to bask in the early morning sun.
If low temperatures are your main concern, consider campsites sheltered from the prevailing wind and benefitting from the early warming sun.
From sunrise to sunset, this campsite provides an ideal setting for summer activities. At night, it's 'front-row center' for the Milky Way.
If you intend to spend a summer day of rest and recreation, look for campsites with elevated rock points that will facilitate sunning, swimming and star gazing.