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When you're in Algonquin's interior, your shelter, clothes and food assure your basic well being. However, unexpected events can affect your health. Being prepared for the majority of these events is the focus of this section. Obviously, some risks and dangers are outside your ability to overcome, similar to being run over by a truck on your way to the store.

This section makes no pretense of being all inclusive. Rather, it's a basic core treatment of the topic. Should you have comments, suggestions or additions for this topic, please e-mail them in.

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First Aid

First aid has two components ... skills and supplies. Skills can only be learned from experienced individuals or organizations through direct and formal means.

Supplies are what you choose to carry in a first aid kit. Obviously, you can't include everything found in an ambulance or emergency clinic. You have to select those items based on your own compromise between convenience (weight and bulk) and concern (risk and treatment).

The following represents first aid supplies for a solo five day trip, to serve one person. It serves only as a starting point to which you can make your own changes, additions and subtractions.

  • standard bandaids ... 12 ... for abrasions and small cuts.

  • butterfly bandages ... 6 ... for closing deep cuts.

  • trauma bandages ... 3 ... 3" square.

  • trauma bandages 3 ... 2" square.

  • rolls of gauze ... 2 ... 2" x 5 yd.

  • wound cleaner ... iodine, etc.

  • anti-bacterial cream ... small tube.

  • elastic bandage ... 3" wide, with 2 clips ... for sprain or splint.

  • cigarette lighter ... for sterilizing and as back-up fire starter.

  • handy wipes ... for cleaning hands prior to treating wound.

  • small mirror ... for viewing back and bottom injuries ... also for shaving and for emergency signalling.

  • moleskins .. 2 sheets ... for toes and heels.

  • small surgical or 'nail' scissors.

  • tweezers ... for removing splinters, etc.

  • thermometer.