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Mark Rubino has posted a trip-log to his website, of the Day-trip to Mizzy Lake Trail that he and his girlfriend did on January 22, 2016.

"There had been flurries throughout the day and now with the darkness the flurries intensified to a snowfall and I grew concerned - The light from my headlamp was fading, the trail was becoming covered again by the snowfall. Sure, I was still able to follow the trail and the reflective trail markers helped, but with the failing light I was worried that the headlamp would die completely."

"We felt joy and relief that we had made it! Of course we made it? I don’t think we’ll ever do that trail again in the winter though. It is quite the humdinger! If we do, I want to be on the trail before 8am. 10:30am is too late a start. It takes approx. 6hrs to do the trail during the summer months. In the winter (With a lunch break and breaking trail partway) it took us nearly 8 hrs."

Jean and Robert Hilscher have posted their March, 2013 crosscountry skiing day-trip on the leaf Lake Ski Trail on their blog .. A Wildlife Ski Tour in Algonquin Provincial Park.

"The day we skied was very blustery, with strong gusts of wind making the trees sway and creak, snap and pop. Bob and I were looking for a woodpecker around every corner because the sounds emanating from the movement of the trees mimicked the pecking of woodpeckers. What a surprise it was, then, to see a young deer peeking out at us from behind a screen of small saplings. Perhaps the clatter of thrashing branches masked the swishing sounds of our skis as well as our own murmurs, but whatever the reason, this white-tailed deer calmly observed Bob and I even as we peered through the trees and snapped a few photos."

They have also posted an account about Boreal Chickadees Sighted in Algonquin Provincial Park, involving their early March, 2013 hike on the Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail.

Markus Rubino has recorded a couple of winter hikes he took in the park back in December of 2004 ... Big Pines Trail & Lookout Trail.

Mark's website www.MarkInThePark.com is reknowned for great Algonquin Park photos and trip-logs. This day-hike trip-log is another great addition to it.

"I stopped by Sunday creek, for a drink of water (from my water bottle) and a rest. No life, no noise, except for the gurgling of the creek .. a therapeutic sound to my soul. What a wonderful change from the daily drumbeat of the working world. Leaving the creek behind, I started back, already 3/4's of the way thru the loop. Just past the creek, in a north westerly direction, is a vast field...a bog in the spring/summer, now frozen, waiting."

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Updated March 18, 2013