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Paddling out of the Park! - Oxtongue River to Algonquin Outfitters

Day One

We picked up our Canoes at Algonquin Outfitters and headed down the road to Whiskey Rapids parking area. We had decided to put in there instead of taking the longer path from Canoe Lake. There were a few shallow, rocky swifts along the way to Twin Falls, but nothing more than a little fun.

Twin Falls Camp    

Day Two

This day turned out to be a little bit of a mess up and we ended up on the worst campsite we have ever been on. It was technically not in the Park (but it still sucked). Our plan was to paddle to the 110m portage that crosses highway 60 into Park Lake and head to either Victory Lake or Snow Lake to camp. We made the trip down the river easily, although it gets maddening doing the back and forth routine on the winding river. We had a lot of "haven't we just been here" moments.

We got to the portage and for the first time carried across the main highway. There is a small parking area close to the portage and we had left one of our vehicles there with a cooler in the trunk for a resupply! Talk about cushy getting resupplied after one whole night in the park!

Our re-supply vehicle.

The portage down to Park Lake.

When we arrived at Park Lake the weather had changed to very windy and cold. We pressed on to Victory Lake but the water level was so low that there was no way to get into the lake. We then tried Snow Lake but the campsite was horrible and there was construction of a large cottage going on at the east end of the lake. It was getting late in the day and most of us were tired and hungry! We headed back to Park Lake to find a site there. We had passed a site on the way in on the South shore. WE had no choice but to stay there.

Here are some of the Highlights of the site ...

  • It was so small that you could not walk anywhere.
  • There was no Thunderbox and the closest "spot" was too close.
  • There was no protection from the cold wind.
  • We could hear and SEE the traffic on Highway 60!
How is that for a prime site!

Park Lake Campsite.    

That's Highway 60 over there!    

Day Three

We were glad to leave the next day and head back to the river heading for High Falls. The river runs a little straighter in this section and we had a few swifts to paddle through for some fun. When we arrived at the campsite we were greeted with one of the best sites we have ever been on! The Algonquin Gods were evening things out! This site was huge, with enough space for a scout troop full of tents and it is perched right on top of spectacular High Falls. We wished we would have come straight here and stayed two nights!

We spent some quality time exploring this area. There is a path right to the bottom and we swam up to the crashing water. An Algonquin shower! (with power)

High Falls

Fire pit area at High Falls.    

Perched above the falls

Day Four

We got up and paddled to Ragged Falls portage. We felt that we were back in civilization when we hit this area as there were many day-trippers there. Before we got to the take out at Algonquin Outfitters we had breakfast at the paddle inn restaurant with access right off the river. Then it was return the canoes and get back to real life after another successful Algonquin Adventure!

Breakfast on the river!

Check out our complete set of trip photos on Picasa.

Tom Yates