Trip To Booth Lake - by Barry Bridgeford

(July 16th to 20th, 2012)

Day One

On the way in, we saw this deer while paddling up Farm Lake.

This rocky flow between Farm and Kitty Lakes is the location of the first portage.

Approaching the portage from Kitty to Booth Lake .. low water conditions.

By the time we had set-up camp, the sky had greyed-over and showers had started.

Day Two

Looking out from our campsite. Wet and windy conditions prevailed through the morning and mid-day.

By late afternoon, the sun was out and this frog was sunning itself on the beach.

As evening set-in, the clouds thickened-up and a "greyness" took over across the lake .. looking south.

At the west end of the beach, some ripples reflected the developing sunset.

The thickening clouds seemed to squeeze extra colour out of the sunset.

Day Three

While we were having our morning coffee, a fisherman in a kayak was trolling the bay in front of McCarthy Creek.

We met with "Andrei and Roger" (son and father) at the portage landing north out of Tattler Lake .. here heading back downstream.

The sunny weather saw us getting into the bass.

Returning from Tattler Lake, we spotted this moose chopping in the weeds.

At the mouth of the west narrows is this remnant of a rock crib .. a vestige from logging days.

This is the waterfront at our campsite, located at the east end of a long sandy beach.

Wading out on the sandy bottom, with water-shoes to protect from the clams, here's the view looking west along the beach.

This old field-telephone insulator hangs from a tree east of camp, alongside an old logging-truck road.

Day Four

We hiked the portage to Ryegrass Lake .. quite a boggy lake .. held back by a beaver dam.

Here's the view looking west across Ryegrass Lake.

Back on Booth Lake, we got into some toothy pike.

From the west end of the beach, there was quite a rich sunset show.

Day Five

The early morning cold air pulled mist off the warm lake water.

The mist soon burned off and a clear, cool morning began.

Bill positioning the canoe for the launch into the very low levels of the return run into Kitty Lake.

While we'd been away, these posters had been put up at the access-point .. RFZ and LNT.

... end ...