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The Official Algonquin Park Site

Produced by The Friends of Algonquin Park, this is an extensive introduction to the park, its programs, rules, procedures and regulatory info for planning Algonquin trips.

Algonquin Backcountry Recreationalists

On Jan. 24th, 2015, the ABR was dissolved. It had served the interests of backcountry recreationalists from the fall of 2007 .. to preserve, protect and enhance wilderness-like experiences in the backcountry of Algonquin Park.

Thanks for the support the ABR received over the years .. from its members, from the general public, and from those in Algonquin Park and AFA management who encouraged us despite increasing limitations placed upon them.

Algonquin Park Reservation System

Online reservation for both drive-in campgrounds and backcountry camping.

Algonquin Old Ranger Cabin Rental Program

The selection of 14 Ranger Cabins is described on the official Algonquin Park website.

For reservations, call the park at 1-888-668-7275.

All of Algonquin

"AlgonquinLakes" (forum-handle) set a goal to paddle 100 of Algonquin Parkĺs lakes before the end of the summer of 2016. He realized that those first 100 lakes were just the tip of the iceberg!

Algonquin Art Centre

Occupying a unique position as art gallery, storefront, historical monument and education centre, the Algonquin Art Centre exposes Canada's finest wilderness and wildlife art to the visitors of Algonquin Park.

Algonquin & Beyond

Cody (AKA 'trippythings' on the forum) has documented his Algonquin Trip and Campsite Reports in his photo-rich website.

Mark In The Park

Mark offers guided canoe trips into Algonquin Park's interior, specializing in both the west and north sides of the park. The web site also offers many written trip-logs of Mark's excursions into the park spanning more than twenty years.

by - Mark Rubino.

Bush Log

A collection of short photo essays and diaries documenting explorations of eastern Algonquin Park and Renfrew County.

by - Bob & Diana McElroy

Bob & Diana McElroy's Algonquin Gazetteer

Bob & Diana McElroy have developed a unique map resource which they have added to their website Bush Log and Notes. It's entitled Algonquin Gazetteer. The resource includes layers of a couple of versions of Jeff McMurtrie's Algonquin Map.


A new (Dec. 2013) Algonquin Park website. It contains a substantial Historic Algonquin section, with detailed descriptions of the park's ranger cabins, ruins, artifacts and an historical timeline. It will become home to trip-logs of Brandon's many trips throughout the park.

by - Brandon Peek.

Smedley Co.

"SmedleyCo" normally attempts a visit each month to beautiful Algonquin Park .. including winter camping. He provides general information on traveling the back-country, as well as trip logs of his interior wilderness camping trips.

Dawson Brothers Algonquin Trips

The Dawson brothers were introduced to Algonquin Park interior camping in the early 80's by their parents and have loved interior camping ever since.


'Neeland' has posted a number of trip-logs of his Algonquin Park canoe trips in photographic 'Smugmug' gallery format.

"Cici Canoe" .. her blog shares backcountry canoe tripping experiences predominantly in Algonquin Park.

Ian Tendy .. a self-professed "opinionated jerk", who's paddling adventures often take him and his cohorts to Algonquin Park.

Ontario Park Alerts

Scroll down to "Algonquin Provincial Park - Alert and Park Advisory Details +".

Chris ("Tripper 70") has tripped in Algonquin Park for many years, also working as outfitter staff and a Naturalist-Interpreter. His blog contains a number of detailed trip-logs. He tries to do 2-3 canoe trips in the park each year, from spring through the fall.

Algonquin Park Heritage

It's a central repository for book, games, maps, biographies, photographs and stories about the human history of Algonquin Park ... a place to find what interests you about Algonquin Park's history and the people who have lived there over the last 100 years.

by - Gay Clemson

Wildlife Research Station

The WRS has been providing access and logistical support for University and government researchers from Ontario and across North America. The WRS is situated on Lake Sasajewun in Algonquin Provincial Park and operates as a non-for-profit organization.

Ministry of Natural Resources - 2023 Fishing Ontario, including Algonquin Park .. provided in PDF format.


Ministry of Natural Resources highly detailed interactive Fish ON-Line for identifying lakes's fish species and much more ..."

Algonquin Forestry Authority

The site of the AFA ... the Ontario Crown Agency responsible for sustainable forest management in Algonquin Park.

To aid campers in avoiding conflicts from logging activities - Annual AFA Work Schedule Map

Electronic Forest Management Plan For Algonquin Park Forest (Algonquin Forestry Authority)

Through the Natural Resources Information Portal.

Start with Annual Work Schedule Index Map.

Merlin Bird Photo ID

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology helps you figure out the name of the bird you photographed. "Merlin Bird Photo ID" recognizes 400 of North Americaĺs most common bird species based on images.

The Friends of Bonnechere Parks

Bonnechere and Bonnechere River Provincial Parks connect Round Lake with Algonquin Park by means of the Bonnechere River.

This website includes a special Virtual Museum component "Land of the Spirits".

Algonquins of Ontario

The Algonquins in Ontario have never surrendered their rights and title to these lands, and are now negotiating a settlement (ôAlgonquin Treatyö) with the Ontario and federal governments .. which will address, among other things, ownership of lands, rights regarding natural resources, economic opportunities, and initiatives to promote the survival of Algonquin culture.

Mattawa/North Bay Algonquin First Nation

There are approximately 900 registered members of the Mattawa-North Bay Algonquin First Nation .. the Madadjiwan Corporation.

Algonquins of PikwÓkanagÓn First Nation

Algonquins of PikwÓkanagÓn First Nation is a proud and progressive working Algonquin community with control of its own administration.

Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation

The Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation is a Non Status Algonquin First Nation striving to reach a Land Claim settlement with the Ontario and Canadian Government.

Algonquin Nation Kijicho Manito.

The people of the Algonquin Nation Kijicho Manito belong to the Bear Clan and are one of the ten (10) communities involved in the Land Claim with the Algonquins of Pikwakanagon and are members of the Madaouskarini Band.

OmÓmiwininý PimÓdjwowin .. The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre

The mission of the Algonquin Way Cultural Centre is to revitalize, reintegrate, enhance and protect the cultural traditions, customs, practices, heritage, language and arts of the Algonquins of Pikwakangan First Nation..

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Canadian Canoe Routes

The Wilderness Canoe Association operates this online meeting place for those who enjoy exploring the lakes and rivers of Canada by canoe.

Wilderness Canoe Association

A non-profit organization of individuals interested in wilderness travel, mainly by canoe, kayak, and backpacking and, in winter, by skis and snowshoes.

Kermit Wilderness Adventures

Phil Kenny operates this outdoor adventure website.

It includes some Algonquin Park trip reports and an interesting camping-food section.

Christina is an outdoors lover & year round backcountry camper.

The Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery (in Owen Sound) has an extensive illustrated section on the works of the reknowned artist .. "Tom Thomson".

Windfinder Weather - East Gate Algonquin

Providing wind, wave and weather forecast for over 40000 locationsr. Windfinder specializes in wind and weather forecasts for kitesurfers, windsurfer, etc.

Cameron Stevens' art is based on trips to Algonquin Park and elsewhere.

"I try to bring to you the things I have seen and the emotions I have felt while being far from ..."

The Federation of Ontario Naturalists
The FON is a charitable organization protecting Ontario's nature through research, education, and conservation action. Canoeing and Kayaking Info
North American meeting place for paddlers ... with articles, photos, forums, product reviews and much more.

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