This part of the "Resources" section is intended to be a central repository of Algonquin-related scientific, political, philosophical, sociological and humourous ramblings .. plus links that don't fit directly into other menu headings. Please e-mail in any submissions.

What Possibly Could Go Wrong? Ken Born .. January 28th, 2006
The Ice-up Neil Miller .. December, 2006
The Shuttle Neil Miller .. Oct. 1st, 2003
A Lesson Learned Nancy Johnston .. Sept. 13, 2003
How Far Did You Travel? David G. Pile (Jester) .. Oct. 4th, 2002
Formation of Brent Crater Barry Bridgeford .. Jan. 4th, 2002
Land of Images, Memories and Emotions Melinda Mantello .. Dec. 12th, 2001
What's Bugging You? Barry Bridgeford .. June 2nd, 2001
Cedar Canoe Construction William B. Watters .. May 25th, 2001
Dacron Canoe Construction William B. Watters .. May 20th, 2001
The Lavally Connection Barry Bridgeford .. October 2nd, 1999
Our Changing Parks Barry Bridgeford .. August 29th, 1999