Ralph Bice Lake Campsite #16       Lat.- Long.: N45 41 26.8 W78 57 27.4


Topography of under-water approach: Shallow sand beach with scattered fist-sized boulders and some large flat bedrock close to shore. Beach drops off quickly to over 80 feet of water ~50' offshore.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Steep grassy bank at canoe landing with a small flat shelf 4' up on bank for gear placement. No issues disembarking on account of the shallow sandy beach and firm footing.

Topography to tent sites: 30 degree grassy bank back up towards campsite area from landing. Firm footing on earth/grass and some roots. Roughly 15' in elevation from waterfront.

Landing area, view is south-east ...

Campfire area, view is south ...


Campsite maintenance: regular

Size of open area: 160' x 100'.

Extent of tree cover: 40% canopied over tent/kitchen area.

Degree of levelness: Main campsite and firepit area situated on a subtle angle.

Number of level tent sites: At least 3 semi-flat sites adequate for 3-4 man sized tents.

North exposure: Protected from direct north winds. Campsite backs onto mature hardwood forest. Its exposed in the north-east direction

East exposure: Fully exposed to the eastern winds with little tree cover between campsite and landing area. Nice sunrise views.

South exposure: Fully exposed to the southern winds with little tree cover between campsite and landing area. Can view the south narrows and north-east extents of the lake.

West exposure: Protected from the west winds. The campsite backs onto mature hardwood forest. Poor sunset views from this location on shore.

General description: Fair to poor campsite. Landing, kitchen and tenting locations were fully exposed to eastern, north-east, south-west and southern winds. Campsite had a 'worn' and disheveled feeling. Firepit/seating area was poorly maintained. Beautiful mature open hardwood forest located behind site, with no issues locating seasoned hardwood firewood. Few flat areas at campsite, including the disembarking area and tenting locations. Nice grassy area for lounging in the afternoon sun (e.g. lots of sun exposure). However the grass has a tendency to hold moisture after heavy dew or rain. Very poor seating. The log 'benches' showed signs of being burned by previous visitors. A number of grills were present. Thunder box located north west of campsite. Visited by a raccoon 1 night.

Overall accessibility: Fair

Tenting location on a grassy slope, view is to the west ...

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submitted by Stephen Molson, December 2009 .. visited June 2009.