North Tea Lake East, Campsite #3


Topography of under-water approach: Campsite is a short walk from the landing for the eastern portage trail from North Tea Lake to Manitou Lake.

Both of the landings (North Tea Lake and Manitou Lake) for this portage are smooth and shallow landings with plenty of space to organize gear.

Topography leading to tent sites: 2 paths veer from main portage trail. The campsite is not immediately visible on the southern path when travelling from North Tea Lake. Site is quite visible from portage trail at the northern entrance. Paths are smooth and worn, if not a little narrow.

Entering the site on the southern path.

Northern entrance to campsite.


Campsite maintenance: Regular.

Size of open area: 10m x 5m.

Extent of tree cover: 85%.

Degree of levelness: level.

Number of level tent sites: 2

North exposure: trees

East exposure: trees

South exposure: trees

West exposure: trees and view of falls

General description: A cozy little site nestled along the side of a beautiful waterfall. Has an open feel to it because of the canopy made by the many large trees, and is somewhat open at the river. However, this site is well protected from all wind as it is in the middle of the forest. It is very visible from the portage trail. Flat and level, but medium size rocks limit the useable area. 2 tents could easily be pitched, while a 3rd tent could be put up in a pinch.

Overall accessibility: The northern entrance to this site is easily located from the portage trail. From the North Tea Lake side, there is a path that is a short walk from North Tea Lake that is the southern entrance to this site.

View of site from rear of tentpads.


Tentpads are behind and left of the firepit, as seen from south path.
Path seen in middle of pic leads to lower section of waterfalls.

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Maps By Jeff for supplying the base map.

Submitted by Chris Taylor .. Visited July 2018 .. Submission October 27th, 2019