Lake Louisa Campsite #20


Topography of under-water approach: Large rocks,†deep water.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Might have trouble finding an area of the rocks to pull into. This report was during very low water levels - we didnít have any issues, but I canít speak for other conditions.

Topography leading to tent sites: Will need to climb the large rock at the front of the campsite, approximately 2 metres high..

Rocky landing, facing east.


Regular or low-maintenance: Regular

Size of open ground area: Relatively large. Big open rock at the front of campsite, and the fire pit is spacious with lots of seating.

Extent of tree cover: Dense forest on all sides of campsite except south.

Degree of levelness: Rocky incline up to the campsite, otherwise itís relatively flat.

Number of tent sites: 1 large, a couple smaller. One thing to note about the large tent spot (where we pitched our tent), is that there is a slight slope down towards the spot, so during a thunderstorm we had lots of water build up beneath the tent.

North exposure: Campsite sits on the north shore of the lake, so it is very protected from the north.

East exposure: Rocky front of campsite is exposed, but the rest of the site should be OK in east winds

South exposure: Very exposed to the south. A little bit of tree coverage at the top of the rocky shoreline helps protect from the south winds, but not completely.

West exposure: Rocky front of campsite is exposed, but the rest of the site should be OK in west winds.

General description: A nice site with a large rocky shoreline to swim, sit in the sun, stargaze, and watch the sunrise. A good fire-pit area with lots of seating and a large flat rock for a kitchen table. The rock at the front of the site is much larger than it appears from the water, but I was also there in very low water levels so it might not be as exposed in other conditions. There were moose droppings at the site, and signs that a moose walked through the site overnight. Itís pretty close to the island sites and we heard the voices from a loud family camping on the westmost of the two islands. Overall, Iíd say itís slightly above average..

Overall accessibility: Lake Louisa is very large and this site isnít beside any of the portages, so could be a bit difficult to access in windy conditions (which is frequent on this lake).

Fire-pit area, facing south (island campsite in distance).

Fire-pit area, facing northwest.

Large tent-site by fire-pit, with smaller ones beside (8 man tent in photo).

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submitted by: Cody S.     Visited: Aug. 2015     Submission: March 2017