Lake Louisa Campsite #1 (July 2016)


Topography of under-water approach: Rocks.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Rocky but not too difficult to find a spot to unload.

Topography to tent sites: Sloped rock.

Campsite and landing viewed from the water.

Rocky landing area.


Campsite maintenance: Regular

Open ground area: Not much. Relatively small.

Extent of tree cover: Very covered except the landing facing south.

Degree of levelness: Flat.

Number of tent-sites: Two large tent-sites.

North exposure: Dense forest behind.

East exposure: Dense forest.

South exposure: Partially exposed.

West exposure: Dense forest.

Firepit area, looking west.

One of the two tent-sites.

Second of the two tent-sites.

General description: Small site, not much too it. Great fire pit area with lots of seating. Two big tent spots. Very accommodating for a larger group, even though the campsite itself is small. Sound travels easily between this site and campsite #13 (across the lake).

Overall accessibility: Accessible.

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submission February 7, 2017 by Cody S.   ... visited July, 2016