Daisy Lake Campsite #5


Topography of under-water approach: Shallow slope, with a few paint-scaper rocks.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Shallow in-water "beach" is narrow. Side-ways unload is on to a steep grade of solid rocks.

Topography to tent sites: Trail with moderate grade curves up behind rock point, to the fire-pit area.

Campsite from the water, with landing to the right of rock point.

Trail curving up from landing to the campsite.


Campsite maintenance: Regular.

Size of open area: Very large.

Extent of tree cover: 30%.

Degree of levelness: Entire site has a slight to large grade.

Number of level tent sites: Two tent sites, but they're not actually level.

North exposure: Forest, thunder-box and lakeshore.

East exposure: Lake.

South exposure: Lake.

West exposure: Forest.

Fire pit and one small tentsite close behind.

Narrow second tentsite is off to one side.

Looking past the firepit area and across the lake.

Looking down the rock point and across the lake.

General description: This would be a good lunch stop or swimming location.  There are no level tent sites.  With its nice views, it would be great for stargazing.

Overall accessibility: Good.

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submitted by John Barber .. Visited, 2021 .. Submission September, 2021