Bonnechere Lake Campsite #6


Topography of under-water approach: Landing on Cradle was over a 2+’ deep fist-sized rock and larger boulder shelf to the west of the campsite. Landing on the Bonnechere Lake side (east) was shallow slowly tapered mud and soil ‘beach’. These were spring water levels. It would likely be a firmer rockier bottom during normal to low water levels of summer/fall.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: During high water levels the canoe landing on the Cradle Lake side can be deep and a tad steep but there was adequate ground space for gear placement for unloading/loading one canoe. Landing along the Bonnechere lake side may be a bit muddy at times, depending on water level, but there was adequate dry firm ground a few meters up from the canoe landing for at least 2 canoes.

Topography to tent sites: Slow taper uphill along a 20 meter forest trail back towards campsite and firepit area from Bonnechere Lake – maybe a difference of 3 meters in height. Cradle lake sat higher than Bonnechere, a 1 m elevation difference between lake and campsite area, plus a bit closer to tenting/firepit location.

Campsite’s canoe landing, Bonnechere lake’s side, south view ...

Canoe landing, Cradle Lake’s side, west view ...

Campsite’s firepit – natural boulder windbreak / heat reflector. ...


Campsite maintenance: regular

Size of open area: 140 x 140'.

Extent of tree cover: 80% canopied over tent/kitchen area.

Degree of levelness: Relatively flat around firepit and tenting area, a few depressions.

Number of level tent sites: At least 3 flat sites adequate for3-4 man sized tents.

North exposure: Good protection on account of the tree line between Cradle and campsite. Even in strong north winds, Cradle is small enough for the exposed canoe landing to be manageable.

East exposure: Very good protection from the east – thick evergreen forest provides the cover against any east winds.

South exposure: Southern exposure from canoe landing only on Bonnechere side – shouldn’t be an issue on account of the lack of water volume, which reduces wave buildup.

West exposure: Very good protection from the west– thick evergreen forest provides the cover against any westerly winds..

General description: Unique campsite in that it neighbors two lakes, both with canoe landings. Nice campsite – very large area with good wind protection. Large rocks propped up around firepit provides decent table surfaces. There were a few rough seating benches present around firepit area. A 2nd large open area to the south of Bonnechere canoe landing had a 2ary firepit and space for at least another 2 3-man tents. Grills were present at main firepit. Firepit well protected from north and east winds and ample wood collecting opportunities to the north of campsite. Unique thunder box location was 40 meters outside of campsite on top of a small knoll with an impressive-regal like view overlooking Cradle lake –

Overall accessibility: Good.

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submitted by Stephen Molson, November 2009 .. visited May 2009.