Big Trout Lake Campsite #27


Topography of under-water approach: Gravel and small rocks, knee deep water 3m from shore then a large drop-off.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Room for 1 canoe to comfortably land and unload on the small beach. There is an immediate climb of about 2m to the site and there are limited places to put gear while loading/unloading.

Topography to tent sites: : A step up to a set of stairs, for a total climb of about 2m.

Gravel and small rocks to about 3m from shore ...

The stair leading up from the landing ...


Regular or low-maintenance: Regular.

Extent of tree cover: Very open site with little cover.

Degree of levelness: Slopes slightly from back of site to landing.

Number of level tent sites: 6+.

North exposure: Trees and a view of the lake.

East exposure: Trees

South exposure: Few trees and view of small island.

West exposure: View of water obstructed by some trees.

General description: This is an open campsite on an island that is made for sun lovers. There are plenty of options for tent placement on this very large site, as it is mostly level ground. Lot's of seating around a nice firepit (any wood for a fire must be gotten from the mainland), but there is really only protection from a west wind. Swimming or fishing from the landing is good because of the quick drop-off.

Overall accessibility: Landing and disembarking on the 1 meter stretch of beach should not be a problem. However, the step-up and the steep climb up the stairs could be a challenge..

As seen from the landing ...

Flat rock on left side of firepit makes a good table ...

So much room that we went bowling! ...

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Jeff'sMap for supplying the base-layer map component by Creative Commons licensing.

Submitted by: Chris Taylor   ..   Visited: 2013   ..   Submission: October, 2013