Big Porcupine Lake Campsite #13

Submission #1


- A rock landing area on the east side.


Campsite maintenance: regular

Size of open area: Very very large, actually two campsites in one, nice fire pit with benches. The removed site next door is accessible from the site. It provides another swimming - fishing area away from the main site.

Extent of tree cover: just nice, some open area by the fire pit.

Degree of levelness: up a slight incline from the landing areas, very level across the entire site, down a hill to the privy

Number of tent sites: three very easily.

North exposure: treed.

East exposure: a rock landing area on the east side ...

- South exposure: a rock "porch" on the south (just to the right of the tent).

- West exposure: the best swimming "porch".

General description: Beautiful site.

Overall accessibility: Three landing areas with easy access.

Thanks to Jeffrey McMurtrie of Maps By Jeff for supplying the base map.

Submitted by: Tom Yates   ..   Visited: 2005   ..   Submission: Jan. 21 2009

Submission #2


Topography of under-water approach: Depending on water levels, at least one of the three landings should provide a clear approach.

Impediments to disembarking from and/or unloading a canoe: Sloped rocks at two of the landings could be slippery if wet. Expect to probably have to step out into water to unload.

Topography to tent sites: 20+' substantial slope to actual firepit and tentsite areas.

- Large sloped rock on the east side. Rock table and firepit are visible at top.  

- Further around the point is this landing.  

- And this landing .. three in all.  


Campsite maintenance: regular

Size of open area: Quite large and spread out, with tentsites to the northwest, northeast and south at varying level heights relative to the firepit area.

Extent of tree cover: Substantial large trees all about. However, actual firepit arera is open to the sky.

Degree of levelness: Considerable grade from the landings to the actual campsite. Individual tentsites and firepit area are level. However there's more climbing involved accessing the thunderbox.

Number of tent sites: At least three.

North exposure: Line of trees along the shoreline ridge.

East exposure: Somewhat open view from the firepit. Trees on the shoreline grade block most of the view from the tentsites.

- Firepit area, looking north toward the point and two of the tentsites.  

- Tentsite near the point.  

- Another tentsite lower down and to the northwest.  

- Looking down to the water from the campsite.  

- Looking down to the thunderbox from the campsite.  

General description: A large, 'rambling' site which has been 'hacked about' a bit. Although it is located on a point, it doesn't have a scenic view. And the thunderbox location certainly isn't private.

Overall accessibility: The rises from the landings to the campsite and back down to the thunderbox could prove somewhat tedious.

Submitted by: Barry Bridgeford   ..   Visited: 2011   ..   Submission: Jan. 26 2015