Online Algonquin Videos

- Canoe Camping -

The Brent Run - Darren Placido and Mark Highfield

A great video of a great trip.

A 162 km canoe route through Algonquin Park, with a total of 140km of paddling and 20 km of portages. Lots of rain and bugs, and bugspray, and bugs.

Why I Go Solo - Les Dempsey

"Lesta" explains why he likes to go on solo camping trips. He explores some of the experiences that can only happen when one goes solo into Algonquin Park's backcountry. This video rings true to us who have experienced the solitude of Algonquin's backcountry one-on-one.

Karma Moose and the Redemption Trout - Jason Irwin

In the spring of 2012, Jason and his pal Scott headed to Pen and Clydegale Lakes on a four-day canoe trip, to catch some brook trout. These two videos total 25 minutes of totally enjoyable Algonquin escape.

Access:   Part 1 . . . Part 2

Sunbeam Dreams and The Carolyn Jane - Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin (aka "Tumblehome") has produced an amazing 4-part video (total of 44 minutes) of a 7-day solo canoe trip he took September of 2013. He headed out of Canoe Lake and looped through Joe, Burnt Island, Sunbeam and Tom Thomson Lakes. Jason's camera and production skills make this an outstanding video experience.

Access:   Part 1 . . . Part 2 . . . Part 3 . . . Part 4

Tom Thomson Adventure - Rob Waywell

This playlist of 4 videos covers a 4 day Algonquin canoe trip (2011) starting out from Canoe Lake, setting up a base camp on Joe Lake and then exploring up to Tom Thomson Lake and Burnt Island Lake on day trips.

Rob chose this area to explore because it is an area that Tom Thomson spent a lot of time in while guiding, fishing and painting during the early 1900's.

Shirley Lake Canoe Trip 2011 - Rob Waywell

This playlist of 4 videos covers Rob's 4 day canoe trip starting out of the Shall Lake Access Point and travelling through Crotch Lake to Shirley Lake where he set up base camp.

From there he did a day-trip back down Shirley Lake, into Ryan Lake, and finally camped for the 3rd night back on Crotch Lake.

Once Around Algonquin - Kevin Callan

Back in June of 2013, Kevin Callan and his pal Andy Baxter, completed their "Once Around Algonquin" canoe trip. It was a 16 day canoe trip, following Algonquin Outfitters' Meanest Link.

Be sure to view all of the five videos in the group.

Opeongo Weekend - Martin G

Spring of 2017 - "Four of us went down the Opeongo River from Lake Opeongo to Bark Lake and I made a video! It's in my usual, "Music Video" style. Because, I don't have much to say, don't like hearing the sound of my own voice, and I like the energy it captures."

"Channels of Choice"

My Self Reliance - Outdoor Adventures

Shawn James is a Canadian outdoorsman, photographer, guide and self-reliance educator.

As well as writing about survival, bushcraft, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, fishing and camping .. he has produced a wealth of informative videos on the same subjects.

Kayak Camper

Bob's YouTube channel is devoted to kayak camping. For those who trip the Algonquin backcountry in a kayak and are searching for a tried-and-true method of portaging with a kayak, look no further!

His videos include the construction of his latest kayak yolk

Loon Island Outdoors

Rob Waywell's Loon Island Outdoors video channel promotes outdoor recreation including canoe tripping, fishing and great adventures.

Well over 50 videos include trips, 'how-tos' and wildlife observations.

Solo Lesta - Follow Your Own Path

Solo Tripping is all about doing things your own way at your own pace, so Join me as I take my trips in my own way.

Including quick tips, kit preparations, and trip logs.

Maddy The Goose

Troy of Maddy The Goose fame, has compiled well over forty videos .. all about canoe tripping and sharing his experiences.

From food to knots .. his goal is to share the things he actively does .. "Maddy is my dog and Goose is her nickname."


Contains some of his camping trips, as well as campsite reviews, gear reviews, packing reviews, portage reviews, wildlife and anything camping that perhaps isn't a "camping trip" video.

Larry Hyett

Some really enjoyable videos, including some memorable Algonquin Park canoe trips.

"Sharing experiences in the great outdoors. So far mostly in Algonquin and by canoe but there's still lots of other types of things on the bucket list..."

Quick Escapes

Quick Escapes is led by Mark Highfield and Darren Placido .. as of 2016, over a year's video'd activities in Algonquin Park.

- Winter Activities -

Mew Lake Winter Yurting - "Noooooobster"

A trip to the Mew Lake drive-in campground .. staying for three days in one of the many yurts available to rent .. a sampling of daily activities during the stay.

Spring Will Come - Sean Rowley

Images from a day hike to the falls by Mew Lake just before spring started. After a long winter, the sun begins to shine and the ice begins to melt. The birds are out and the rivers are running fast.

- Wildlife -

RMR: Bear Tagging - Rick Mercer

Back in the winter of 2009, Rick Mercer joined in a foray with government naturalists to get up-close to a mother bear and her cubs in their den, in Algonquin Park.

This is the favourite 'Rick Mercer Report' segment for a lot of Algonquin Park visitors.

How To Avoid Bears in Your Campsite - Oasys HD

Learn what it takes to reduce human-bear conflict and to stay safe while camping at Algonquin Provincial Park.

Produced July 2013 by OasysHD.

The Natural Brook Trout Lakes of Algonquin - FOAP

The park is home to one of the world's highest concentrations of natural Brook Trout lakes.

Learn what research has taught us about this special fishery and the simple things you can do to protect it for future generations.

A Love of Birds - Doug Tozer

The lakes, forests, and trails of Algonquin Park serve as a major research laboratory for approved researchers.

Doug Tozer, former Algonquin Park Naturalist, and current bird researcher with Trent University and the Ontario MNR narrates his "Love of Birds".

Updated Jan. 17, 2017