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As the operator of AlgonquinAdventures.com, I'm proud to have Steve Elms as the website's official photography 'tech-guy'. Steve has agreed to share his technical photographic knowledge with readers, through this website's Photography Equipment and Technique Forum.

Hi there ...

My name is Steve Elms. Algonquin Park has been a second home to me for over 37 years. My dad took me on my first winter trip into the park when I was a mere 6 months old, and I continue to frequent the park to this date. I began documenting my journeys in the park about 10 years ago, with a very basic 35mm film camera. Over the past 10 years my love for photography has flourished to the point where I have turned it into a part time business. Although my passion lies in photographing landscapes and wildlife, I also photograph weddings, events and families.

After spending 14 years as a Police Officer and having experiences working on a SWAT Team and Explosives Unit, I have learned to recognize the therapeutic benefits that both photography and nature can provide. Eventually I would like to turn my part-time business into a full time venture where I can focus solely on my passions in life (besides my adoring wife and two beautiful children); photography and the outdoors (particularly Algonquin Park).

I maintain a website and blog where I aim to share the knowledge I have been fortunate to obtain via other professional photographers, education and self initiative. The beauty of the digital era is that we can all learn from each other and share our experiences with the click of a button, or the release of a shutter. I look forward to sharing and learning with the members of this site and encourage everyone to participate the best they can.

.. Steve

Web: http://www.elmsphotography.ca
Blog: http://www.elmsphotography.blogspot.com

(Updated Oct. 16. 2015)